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Updated for the 2011 Scrum Guide

I've finally had a chance to read through the new 2011 Scrum Guide with a fine toothed comb to see the changes from the 2010 Scrum Guide. Some of the changes are described by the Scrum creators. However, some are not so apparent. In the coming weeks, I'm going to be posting and analyzing some of the more interesting and significant changes.

Here is a list of changes that I noticed that aren't already specifically described in the link above:
  • Language stating that the Scrum Guide is *the* definition of Scrum.
  • Language has been added to say that Scrum is an all or nothing proposition -- you either do all of the practices, or you're not doing Scrum.
  • Backlog grooming is now a required practice of Scrum.
  • More emphasis on a "plan for implementing improvements..." with respect to Retrospectives
  • Heavier emphasis describing Scrum as rule oriented.
  • More focus on the Scrum Master as a Servant to the Scrum Team.
  • The section on Undone work has been totally removed.
  • The Definition of Done has changed subtly but significantly. DoD used to apply only to the sprint increment, but now it can apply to both the increment and the product backlog item itself.
  • Scrum Team Composition is no longer a specific example of what a Retrospective analyzes.
    • Actually this entire sentence was removed: "...These[items to retrospect] include Scrum Team composition, meeting arrangements, tools, definition of 'done,' methods of communication, and processes for turning Product Backlog items into something 'done.'..."
  • Changes to the optional practices and "tips"
    • Backlog grooming now a required practice.
    • Tip about implementing gaps in Scrum framework has been replaced by this sentence in the Guide:
      • "Specific strategies for using the Scrum framework vary and are described elsewhere." (Editorial note: Not nearly as clear as the old tip, IMO)
    • Tip about renegotiating scope with the PO is now a required practice(when necessary, of course)
    • Removal of the "You can optionally plan ~60% of the Sprint in the Sprint Planning Meeting instead of the whole Sprint planned in the Sprint Planning Meeting"
    • Tip about User Stories and Use Cases removed
    • Tip about Scrum Master helping to choose PO has been removed
    • Release Planning has been removed from the Scrum Guide(they sort of mention this in the change notes)

There are probably more changes that I just haven't noticed yet, but I'll keep updating this page as I see them.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as I'm going to be posting and analyzing some of the more interesting and significant changes that have come out of the 2011 Scrum Guide.