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Our User Story Characters:

  • Pat the Product Owner
  • Payton the Programmer
  • Charles the Programmer
  • Taylor the Tester
  • Bailey the Business Analyst

The System Under Development

A retail web site similar to something like

The User Story

User Story Title: Limit product quantities

User Story Conversations:

Pat: "For Marketing story 44, here is what I'm looking for. I'd like to limit users to only being able to purchase a maximum quantity of 5 of any one item in any one order."
Payton: "Hmmm... That seems weird. I would assume we want to make as many sales as possible?"
Pat: "Yes, I know, but what we've found is that we often don't have the inventory to be able to supply that many units. Also, many of the orders for more than 5 items turn out to be fraudulent anyway. So, for now, we just want to limit the quantity to be 5 items."
Charles: "Pat, do you have any vision for how we do this?"
Pat: "I don't really care -- just something that looks nice. Maybe show me what you come up with and we can collaborate from there."
Charles: "Ok."

Possible Story Tests:

1. Test that a user is unable to purchase more than 5 of the same item in any one order.
2. Test that, when a user attempts to purchase more than 5, the system displays a message indicating no more than 5 of any item can be purchased.