For Training, Coaching, and Consulting engagements, please contact me for details on how I can help your organization.

Hi, I'm Charles Bradley(contact info is below), a Scrum Trainer and the Scrum Coach-in-Chief of Your time is valuable, so let me tell you what services we provide that can benefit your organization.

Scrum Training
  • Professional Scrum Foundations(2 days)

    • Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to learn Scrum in a highly interactive format.
      • Executives, Managers, Programmers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Product Managers, Analysts, UI Designers, Architects, etc
  • Professional Scrum Master(2 days)

    • Intended Audience: Anyone who could use a good beginning to advanced course(can be taught both ways) on Scrum principles, including analysis and discussion of numerous case studies that demonstrate effective and proven practices from other companies.
      • Beginning to Advanced Scrum Masters and other Scrum practitioners. Directors and Managers that have solid experience working with Scrum Teams.
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (2 days)

    • Intended Audience: Anyone who could use a good beginning to advanced course(can be taught both ways) on Scrum Product Owner principles, including case study exercises that help the student learn ways to maximize business outcomes from software.
      • Beginning to Advanced Product Owners, Product Managers, Business Stakeholders, and other Scrum practitioners.
  • Professional Scrum Developer - Java (technical) (3 days)

    • Intended Audience: Intermediate to Advanced programmers, architects, database developers, testers.

  • Course formats
    • Courses can be provided privately, publicly, or a combination of the two. For either type of course, you can start with as little as 5 attendees.
    • If you'd like a public course to come to your city, just contact us! Chances are that we can make something work.

Scrum Coaching and Consulting

Scrum Jump Start

  • Have your team doing full-on Scrum within 3 months!

Scrum Foundation

  • Build a solid, long lasting, Scrum foundation in 6 months, then benefit from two follow up visits to make sure the Scrum benefits continue.

Contract ScrumMaster

  • Hire a highly experienced ScrumMaster to be a servant leader to your Scrum Team.

Sharpen or Re-Sharpen the Saw

  • A good refresher engagement to help teams reboot or reshape after struggling. (2-4 months)

Advanced Scrum Coaching

  • Do you have a mature Scrum team that wants outside-the-box ideas for how to improve? This is the service for you.

Additional Services

Scrum Infrastructure Consulting

  • This service focuses on hiring the right Scrum people for your team as well as things like planning for the optimal Scrum workspace and environment.

Scrum Assessment

  • In as little as 10 days, get positive suggestions for improvement from an experienced Scrum coach.

All of the above are tailored to your organization, and can also include coaching on Agile and XP technical practices.

Contact us at to discuss tailoring a training or coaching program to align with your strategic goals. (We do work nationwide in the USA, as well as Internationally upon request.)