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Scrum for Executives (S4E)

Full or half day

This instructor-led class is intended to answer three questions commonly asked by executives, managers, and other decisions makers: What is Scrum?Why should I care? and What’s the best way to become Agile by adopting Scrum? Through presentation and discussion, attendees will learn the answers to these questions. By forming into teams and collaborating on activities, attendees will experience the truth in their answers.


This course is intended for executives, managers, and other leaders who want to learn more about Scrum, why it works, and a high-level approach to get started on their path to agility. Typical attendees are those who have never heard of Scrum, but want their organization to become agile or those who may be evaluating Scrum, to see if it’s right for their organization. Other attendees may be from organizations that are already on their way to adopting Scrum. Regardless of your current capabilities, this course is flexible enough to give you the knowledge that you require.

Course Outline

The course is broken up into several modules. Each module is 30-40 minutes in length and contains slides, discussions, and group-based activities.
1. Why Scrum?
5. Scrum Case Studies
2. Scrum: An Executive Summary
6. Myths and Misconceptions
3. Top 10 Things You Should Know About Scrum
7. The Scrum Principles
4. Agile Metrics for the Enterprise
8. Where Scrum Fits and Where It Doesn’t

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