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Controversial Pattern: Walk the Items

Also Known As: Walk the Board
Warning! Patterns are not a concrete methodology, and using only documented patterns is a sure fire way to destroy creativity and innovation. More here.

Pattern Summary:

  • Rather than going person by person, the meeting is facilitated to go PBI by PBI.
  • Someone indicates which PBI is being discussed.
  • Each person that worked on it yesterday or plans to work on it today talks about Yesterday/Today/Obstacles for only the currently discussed PBI.

Possibly Good For:

  • Teams that have trouble getting closure on PBI's.
  • Teams that are near the end of the sprint and need to get deep transparency
  • Highly co-located and Highly communicative teams.

Possibly Bad For:

  • Teams that share improvement info at the DS (which should be all teams).
    • One of the key objectives of a Daily Scrum is to share tidbits that will benefit the rest of the team. If all people do is focus on the "status" of each PBI, they may forget to share those key tidbits that help fuel continuous improvement.
  • Teams where this approach <Turns into a Waterfall Status Meeting>
  • Team members who remember better chronologically ( yesterday,today, etc).
    • Sometimes, it's easier for a team member to just remember their day "chronologically" vs. trying to remember it PBI by PBI, and what they did and which PBI it supports, etc.

Pattern Details & References:

Pattern Contributors:

  • Charles Bradley

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