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Pattern: Sit Down Meeting

Also Known As:
Warning! Patterns are not a concrete methodology, and using only documented patterns is a sure fire way to destroy creativity and innovation. More here.

Pattern Summary:

  • Participants in the Daily Scrum sit down for the meeting.
  • There is no Scrum Guide requirement that the Daily Scrum be a standup meeting.
  • Should be used with caution.

Possibly Good For:

  • Distributed teams that attend the DS via audio or video conferencing at their desks or at home.
  • Teams that are already very efficient at having a Daily Scrum and can still meet all of the Daily Scrum objectives inside of the time-box.
  • Some teams don't like to make the meeting an absolute all the time standup meeting, but they still execute it as a standup meeting on certain occasions, to change up the energy in the meeting and make it a little more fun.
    • Some interesting ideas are: "Manic Monday" (Daily Scrum is always a standup meetings on Mondays), "Standup by request" (Whenever a Dev Team member requests it be held as a standup, it is), "Dealer Call's it" (Assuming a Dev Team member is taking their turn to facilitate the Daily Scrum, that Dev Team facilitator get's to say whether it's a standup meeting or not.") ("Dealer call's it" is a reference to a poker game where the Dealer gets to name the flavor of the poker game being played for one hand while they're dealing).

Possibly Bad For:

  • Teams that are Time-Box busters.
  • Low Energy Situations - Stand Up!

Pattern Details & References:

Pattern Contributors:

  • Charles Bradley

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