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Category: Scrum Patterns / Scrum Technique Patterns / Daily Scrum Patterns

Anti-Pattern: Turns Into a Waterfall Status Meeting

Also Known As:
Warning! Patterns are not a concrete methodology, and using only documented patterns is a sure fire way to destroy creativity and innovation. More here.

Pattern Summary:

A team whose Daily Scrum has any one of the following characteristics.
  • Focus on time (% complete, actual hours, etc) instead of inspecting and adapting the plan.
  • PO or Non Scrum Team member facilitates
  • <Non Scrum Team Member Participates>
  • A <Controlling Facilitator> is present,
    • Polling each person for their status, and/or
    • Interrogating people about obstacles or things that take longer than expected
    • Constantly reminding team members about deadlines
  • People dread going to the meeting
  • People appear to be “reporting” to a particular person, rather than fellow Dev Team members

Possibly Good For:

  • No contexts are currently documented for when this anti-pattern might be possibly good for a Scrum implementation.

Possibly Bad For:

Pattern Details & References:

Pattern Contributors:

  • Charles Bradley

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