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Category: Scrum Patterns / Scrum Technique Patterns / Daily Scrum Patterns

Pattern: Encourage Comments From Others

Also Known As: Checking In, "Any Seconds?"
Warning! Patterns are not a concrete methodology, and using only documented patterns is a sure fire way to destroy creativity and innovation. More here.

Pattern Summary:

  • Sometimes it's good for the facilitator or others on the team to encourage comments from others, to encourage collaboration and more voices to be heard. Sometimes this is phrased as "Does anyone else know anything about <this topic>?" or "Who can help Sally with this?" or "Anyone have objections with this?"
  • Sometimes it's good to close the Daily Scrum by asking if anyone else has further comments. Sometimes this is phrased as "Anyone have seconds?" or "Anyone have anything else on <that topic> before we move on?"

Possibly Good For:

  • Development teams where the team is not heavily collaborative and self organizing yet.
  • Closing the Daily Scrum nicely and ensuring that all needed transparency is given at the Daily Scrum
  • Development teams where the team is dispersed or remote, since you may not be able to see the attendees body language to know that they want to get a comment in.

Possibly Bad For:

  • If the person encouraging comments is an outsider, authority figure, or possibly a <Controlling Facilitator>, this can come off as micro management of the team or indicating that the person always encouraging comments is an authority figure who is not letting the Development Team self organize.

Pattern Details & References:

  • n/a

Pattern Contributors:

  • Charles Bradley

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