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This is a presentation I did at Agile Denver in March of 2014


Two years ago, Agile Denver community member and Professional Scrum Trainer Charles Bradley came and talked to us about the 2011 Scrum Guide changes -- he called it Scrum 2.0. Well, Charles is back, and ready to tell you the "hidden secrets" of the recent changes to Scrum. Charles will tell you about the more visible changes to Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, the Product Owner role, value focus, and even the relaxing of some Scrum time-boxes(What??!!).

If that's not exciting enough for you, Charles is willing to raise the stakes. Charles has found changes to the Scrum Guide that not even the Scrum Guide authors have highlighted! They are not trivial. Charles has not yet presented this information to any other user group or conference in the world, and Charles has yet to see any other person in the world write or talk about these changes. You will be the on the bleeding edge of Agile evolution! Come out and join us for the world premier, as Charles Bradley reveals... The Hidden Secrets of Scrum 3.0.

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