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This is a presentation I did at Mile High Agile 2013.


Should you do burndowns in story points, hours, or some other unit? Should your Daily Scrum be done round robin, random order, or should you "Walk the Items" instead? What are some good Retrospective formats if your team is remote? These are all challenging questions, and Scrum Patterns help us decide what to do when there are no straightforward, easy answers, for how to implement Scrum. In this interactive workshop, we'll discuss a framework for thinking about Scrum Patterns, as well as some practical Scrum Pattern examples. Then, we'll work in teams to surface the most successful patterns that you, the attendees, have discovered in your Scrum experiences. Learn new techniques not just from the presenter, but also from your colleagues in the audience. Harness the power of the wisdom of crowds! Participants will walk away with a handout with some Scrum pattern examples, and the "crowd sourced" Scrum patterns will available for photographing -- so bring your camera phone!

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The presentation in PDF format.
Note that I don't go over all of the Daily Scrum Patterns in the presentation. By querying the audience, I identify a few that seem useful to audience members. I usually pick a category or two, then skip the rest of the Daily Scrum Patterns slides to get to the exercises.