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Abstract - Daily Scrum Patterns

Should your Daily Scrum be done round robin, random order, or should you "Walk the Items" instead? Should you run your Daily Scrum quite differently if your team is remote or distributed? What are some good techniques for distributed Daily Scrums? These are all challenging questions, and Scrum Patterns help us decide what to do when there are no straightforward, easy answers, for how to implement Scrum. In this presentation, we'll discuss a simple framework for thinking about Scrum Patterns, as well as 20+ Daily Scrum Patterns. Staying true to the concept of patterns, we'll discuss which patterns work well, and poorly, in different team and organizational contexts. We'll also discuss a few Anti-Patterns to avoid. Attendees will walk away with a free PDF handout(see below) that summarizes the patterns presented. With these new pattern tools in your tool box, help your team do more effective Scrum!




Presentation PDF, used for webinar

While the webinar was recorded, unfortunately the quality of the video recording is poor, which is weird because the webinar worked fine.
Presentation PDF(with more detail and text) for those viewing
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Chart Summarizing the Daily Scrum Patterns discussed.
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Narrative Overview of the Daily Scrum Patterns
Overview - Daily Scrum Patterns

Q. How can I contribute my own Daily Scrum (or just general Scrum) patterns?

A. We're still in a "beta" stage, but we certainly encourage you to contribute your own patterns. So, for now, we simply ask that you email your idea to "patterns (at) scrumcrazy [dot] com" . Try to include a title, a 2-3 sentence summary, and some context ("possibly good for," "possibly bad for," etc). Your email doesn't have to be polished or perfect. We'll respond within a few business days.