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It's Difficult to Give User Story Advice over the Internet

I often get and see questions on internet forums related to helping someone with their User Stories, like how to slice their User Stories(Product Backlog Items), or how to structure their stories. This can be very difficult to do, because the slicing conversation really requires so much context around the parties/teams involved, the nature of the business domain, and the technical structure of the system under development. Due to this complexity, this is why I always recommend that Product Owners and Development teams do slicing together in Product Backlog Grooming sessions.

Another problem with trying to provide the needed context to give good advice is that most people work at organizations that have some sort of information security policy that would be violated by providing enough context.

Yet another problem with helping people is that the optimum structure and implementation of the User Stories practice varies greatly from organization to organization and team to team. Some possible things to consider are Story Testing Patterns and the User Story Maturity Model. In short, context is king.

The best route that I've seen is trying to come up with a fictional story/PBI/context that demonstrates the key challenge that you're having without improperly offering too much confidential information.

Another approach for story splitting advice would be to have you and your team try Richard Lawrence's User Story Splitting flow chart.

Anyway, I wish you well, and think about trying some of the suggestions above!