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Good Resources for Scaling and Spreading Scrum and Agile

  1. Scaled Agile Framework
  2. Large Scale Scrum(aka LeSS) Resources
  3. Nexus Framework For "Scaled Professional Scrum" from
  4. My Presentation to Agile Denver Comparing LeSS, SAFe, and Nexus
  5.'s "Evidence Based Management for Software Organizations"
  6. Schwaber's _The Enterprise and Scrum..._
  7. Cohn's _Succeeding With Agile..._
  8. Kniberg's "Scaling Agile at Spottify" (Free PDF)
  9. Schwaber's _Software in 30 Days..._
  10. Larman/Vodde's _Scaling Lean Agile..._ (Make sure you check out Resources in #1 above before reading #10/11)
  11. Larman/Vodde's _Practices for Scaling Lean and Agile..._ (Companion book to the above)