Weekly Status Report is to keep a track on the usage. This has to be sent every Friday before 12 PM MST. If Friday is a holiday or other absence, then the report is sent the day before the absence/holiday.

Below is the format for the report:

GetFriday Weekly Status Report

Date of report: 11-29-2013 (Current date)

Standard hours per month: 40 Hrs.

Carryover hours from previous month: 30 Hrs.

Hours used till 11-22-2013 (previous Friday) = 46 hours 58 mins
Hours used from 11-25-2013 to 11-29-2013 (Current week's usage) = 1 hour 55 mins

Total Remaining this month: (40(Standard hours)+30(Rollover)-46:58(Usage till the previous Friday)+1:55(Usage for the current week)) = 21hrs 7mins remaining this month.

Upcoming GetFriday Holidays

Till end of 2013 assistants will be available on all the days.