This is an officer manual I(Charles Bradley) co-authored with some other former A&M Club officers in about 2008.


The purpose of this document is to share knowledge on being an officer in a Texas A&M Club. It is intended that other manuals (later) might cover specific officer positions in more detail, but that this one is information that several officers in different positions and/or board members can find useful. Also, the advice is intended to very general in nature, and should not be considered to be “set in stone.”


For those who arrive at this page and don't really understand it, I was President of my local Texas A&M alumni club back in 2005. I was later elected to the Board of the same club, and later elected to be a national representative for Texas A&M Alumni clubs. The above manual is one I co-authored to help our local club, and any other Texas A&M Club who might find value in it. Texas A&M has over 200 alumni clubs worldwide, who help support the mission of raising money to help the Texas A&M community. Texas A&M has the 4th largest endowment of all U.S. Public Universities, and is one of only a handful of public universities that have an alumni association that actually raises more money than it spends. I graduated from Texas A&M, and the unique experience there is a huge reason for my successes in my career.

Some more cool facts about Texas A&M:

  • Named second in the nation by The Wall Street Journal among all universities, public and private, in a survey of top U.S. corporations, non-profits and government agencies, based on graduates that recruiters prefer to hire.
  • 2nd in nation among public universities in "Great Schools, Great Prices" category (U.S. News and World Report, 2011)
  • Corps of Cadets is recognized among the nation's largest uniformed student bodies at more than 2,300 strong. Texas A&M commissions more officers than any other institution outside of the nation's service academies.
  • Located in College Station, Texas, which is located about 90 miles northwest of Houston.
  • Home to more than 50,000 students, ranking as the sixth-largest university in the country, with more than 360,000 former students worldwide.

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