Updated for the 2011 Scrum Guide

2011 Scrum Guide

Intro: This is a comprehensive summary of the 2011 Scrum Guide changes. If I miss anything, please email me at charles [at] scrumcrazy (dot) com and let me know.

Terminology Changes

  • The Team --> The Development Team
  • Scrum Time-boxes --> Scrum Events
  • Dev Team commits --> Dev team "forecasts"
    • Forecasts the amount of work to be completed in Sprint

Major Changes – Philosophy

  • New Title of the guide: "The Scrum Guide - The Definitive Guide to Scrum : The Rules of the Game"
    • Scrum is defined in the Scrum Guide
    • Scrum is all or nothing -- partial implementations mean that Scrum is not being done correctly
    • Much more emphasis in the guide's prose on Scrum being rules oriented
  • More emphasis on Scrum Master servant leadership
  • All references to software have been removed
    • References to software have been replaced with "product" and "increment"

Major Changes – Specific Techniques Removed

  • Release Planning is out
  • Sprint Backlog Items are out
    • Sprint Backlog now = Product Backlog Items + Plan to deliver them as an increment
    • Sprint Backlog work planned for the first few days of the Sprint must still be decomposed to units of one day or less
  • Sprint Burndowns are no longer required, but
    • You must sum the work remaining for the Sprint at least daily
    • You must monitor Sprint progress with trending/tracking of these sums daily
    • Dev Team must project the likelihood of achieving the Sprint Goal from time to time
    • Burn charts are good monitors/trending, but techniques can vary.
  • Release Burndowns are no longer required, but
    • Amount of work remaining towards a "goal" must be summable at any time
    • At each Sprint Review (at the minimum), the Product Owner
      • tracks this work remaining, and
      • compares work remaining after current sprint to work remaining after previous sprint, and
      • assesses "progress toward completing projected work by the desired time for the goal," and
      • makes all of this progress information transparent to stakeholders
      • Burn charts are good monitors/trending, but techniques can vary.
  • “Undone Work” section is out
  • User Stories and Use Cases (tip removed)
  • Many of the techniques above are highly encouraged, they are just no longer part of the definition of Scrum, which allows teams to use substituting techniques. Note well, though, that you can't just drop the practice without implementing a substituting technique.
    • New sentence in the Scrum Guide: "Specific strategies for using the Scrum framework vary and are described elsewhere."
    • There is a section at the end of the Scrum Guide that promises a forthcoming compendium of Best Practices that discuss good techniques.

Major Changes – other

  • Added:
    • Backlog Grooming is now required
    • Retrospectives: Plan to implement changes is now required
  • Changed:
    • Product Owner can delegate PO duties
      • But PO still held accountable for ensuring backlog management is done well
    • Product Backlog is “ordered” instead of “prioritized”
      • Order affected by
        • Priority
        • Risk
        • Necessity
        • Value

Minor Changes

  • "Done" can now apply to a backlog item
    • Still applies to the increment, so now it can apply to backlog item, increment, or both.
  • Incremental Sprint Planning is now in the guide as optional
    • In Sprint Planning Meeting,
      • decide scope (which backlog items will be attempted)
      • detailed plan for first few days of Sprint
    • After Daily Scrums
      • Dev Team meets to re-plan rest of sprint as needed
  • Tip about renegotiating scope with the PO is now a required practice(when necessary, of course)
  • Tip about SM helping to choose PO has been removed
  • The single reference to 'velocity' has been removed
  • Pigs and Chickens metaphor removed, but principles about non Scrum Team members interfering still apply.
  • Scrum Team Composition is no longer a specific example of what a Retrospective analyzes.
    • Actually this entire sentence was removed: "...These[items to retrospect] include Scrum Team composition, meeting arrangements, tools, definition of 'done,' methods of communication, and processes for turning Product Backlog items into something 'done.'..."